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posted by [personal profile] orichalcum at 12:05am on 01/04/2009
Obama Depressed by BSG Finale (Spoilerific! Obama won the 2008 election, among other things revealed.)

D&D players save "periapt" from linguistic extinction!

And, in amusing Mac moments of the day, this week is multicultural week at his school, and when I picked him up, his teacher informed me that we were encouraged to dress him in clothing of his cultural heritage and bring in food* from his culture. Mac, listening, chimed in, "I want to bring in mac and cheese!" Somewhere, my Jewish/Irish/Scottish ancestors rolled over in their graves (and my mom and grandma from New Jersey laughed quietly to each other.)

*What makes me sad is that the food has to be store-bought and not contain any nuts, for fear of allergies and so forth. I make lots of foods relating to my cultural heritages -but the fun part is _making_ them. What am I supposed to do, give Mac a box of stale Manischewitz macaroons or haggis in a can?

Also, Mac was again mildly musically impressive/intriguing. I had Itunes shuffle on in the car, and a random instrumental piece from the Aladdin soundtrack came on. Mac listened for about 40 seconds and asked me, "This is Beauty and the Beast?" (We don't have the Beauty and the Beast music on Itunes at all, actually, but he's seen the movie a few times.) I was fairly impressed that he picked up that it was by the same composer, though.
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