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posted by [personal profile] orichalcum at 03:02pm on 06/04/2009
So, I was double-checking my Sephardic charoset recipe, as well as the more traditional Ashkenazi one, and started wandering around the net and discovered two cool things:

1. I can get pomegranate molasses, which has been used as the sweetener/glue for Middle Eastern charoset for, oh, 2600 years or so (references to it in very early texts) at the local Middle Eastern market, a few blocks away from me!

2. I am now sad about the pistachio recall, because this springtime charoset recipe from the Jew and the Carrot looks really awesome. OK, yes, totally untraditional, but yummy! And hey, the blood oranges can be symbolic.

I wonder what nuts I could substitute easily that would work well - pecans or walnuts, like with a more trad charoset? Peanuts, for that PB&J matzoh feel? Almonds are a bit exp.
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