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posted by [personal profile] orichalcum at 12:00pm on 17/04/2009
Or, another chapter in Why Epicurious Commenters Are Fools.

So, I was looking up a Quiche Lorraine recipe on Epicurious, because my dad's visiting tomorrow and I wanted to make something simple I could largely make in advance.

This is a recipe that has overwhelmingly favorable reviews and looks extremely easy. Except for the person who gave it two forks (out of four), because the texture seemed wrong. She mentions that she used sour cream instead of heavy cream or creme fraiche, and wonders if that could have made the difference.

You think???

In other food news, Mac has apparently memorized the food layout of the local Trader Joe's, even though he only goes there about once a month or less. Since it was a brief trip today, he was out of the cart, and he kept dragging my hand over to the granola aisle, to find his favorite granola, and then picking out the correct type of milk, and then crossing the store to go to the health bar aisle. Toddler memory is kind of impressive. Plus, I always get impressed by people with good spatial memories, as mine is not so good; I guess he'll be reading the maps for family trips in a few years. :)
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Who knew that the political right had it in for late antique and medievalist manuscript commentators?

I mean, okay, scholiasts get really pedantic, and they write all over the margins, but I hadn't realized they were such a major political force. The one on the right is similarly difficult to comprehend.
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I'm looking up good examples of fraudulent websites to present to my students as examples of "why you should not blindly trust the Net for all your historical research, especially if it involves Cleopatra and/or gladiators."

Some of my favorites so far, useful for academics, librarians, and everyone else:

Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus!

The History of Boilerplate, a Victorian Mechanical Man

A Study of Feorran Grammar

The Emily Chesley Reading Circle
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