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This new close relationship between Eowyn and Mac is getting way out of hand. We were finishing off the homemade strawberry and blackberry pie from yesterday this evening. Mac had finished his slice, and asked me, very sweetly and pathetically, if he could have some of Mommy's pie. I decided to be generous and gave him about 1/3rd of my remaining piece.

The next thing we know, Mac has called Eowyn to his side and is happily feeding her _my pie_ off his fork. Adam manages to rescue the last strawberry before it gets to her mouth and return it to me.

This was _not_ what I thought the plan was.

He's also started trying to reverse-train us. Yesterday, he woke up from his nap and came out to the living room to find we had cleaned it, in prep for my dad arriving. "Mommy and Daddy have cleaned up the mess," he shouted. "You need to get stamps!" (The standard reward at daycare.) Once my dad had arrived, he kept telling him how Mommy and Daddy needed stamps and what a good job we had done. (My dad, I think, was less impressed; no, we _didn't_ mop the floors for him.)
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