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posted by [personal profile] orichalcum at 10:33am on 20/04/2009
So, this is the Week of the Young Child, and there are a bunch of special activities going on at Mac's school. The two he's most excited about are today, when he gets to see a firetruck and meet real firefighters, and Friday, when the Stanford Junior University Marching Band is giving a performance for the kids.

Unfortunately, some confusion may have resulted as a consequence of some earlier conversations:

#1: Me: And on Friday, you get to see the Band!
Mac: I want to be in a band! Like the cows! (in Boynton's books)
Me: Oh, you want to be a drummer like the cows? You can be in a band when you're older. And maybe practice at someone else's house.
CP: (calling out) That's never the way it works. They always practice at the drummer's house.
Me: Maybe you can play the guitar in the band, Mac.

#2: Mac: I want to see the fire truck! And the ambulance!
Me: I'm not sure there will be an ambulance too, Mac. But there might be. And you can see the ambulances when we go by on the way to school.

#3: (This morning, as Mac wakes up) "I'm going to go to school and drive a guitar ambulance!"

I hope the firetruck satisfies his dreams...
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