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Yeah, I carried at least two full doses of Tylenol to school quite regularly. I can pretty much guarantee you that the number one reason kids bring analgesics to school against school rules is menstrual cramps. As women are more prone to migraines and men don't get menstrual cramps, these rules impact young women more than young men.

Also, these male justices fail to recognize that there's a big difference in what you see in a boys' locker room these days compared to a girls' locker room. We all changed under our clothes or in our shower stalls, in my middle school.
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And you managed to deal with livestock run amok, I suspect, despite your drugged state!
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In general, I find that people of our parents' generation and older tend to assume a great deal more nudity in gym locker rooms than I (or the relatively small number of other people our age I've talked to about it) actually experienced. There tends to be a lot of assumption of naked showering, where in my experience it was pretty much "quick reduction to underwear and then redressing."


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